Aubrey Dean Elwood


Aubrey Dean Elwood, born November 21, 1954, weighing 3 pounds, 8 and one half ounces, addicted to heroin, to a 15 year old illegal immigrant from Romania who died giving birth in the lane County Jail , Eugene, Oregon. Buried along with my Mother was the secret of who my father was and who and where her Family was.

From a traumatic childhood where at age seven I was kidnapped from an orphanage by a psychopath who abandoned me three years later at a Fort Worth, Texas hospital with a dislocated shoulder, a cut over my right eye that required 10-stitches, third degree burns and bruises over my entire body. I had lived in a cellar alone three years. At 10 years old I weighed 28 pounds.

From there I was placed in a orphanage in New Orleans, Louisiana until I was twelve and placed in a mental institution where I was diagnosed schizophrenic, a mental illness that would consume me throughout my adult life.

I have spent over 60 years in institutions – Jails, prisons, mental hospitals – or homeless. Having never been to a school I learned to read and write in a prison cell when I was 30 years old.

Reading became a passion, reading such authors as Emerson, Galileo, Nietzsche, William James, Fox, and Benjamin Franklin to name just a few. I discovered those living messenger’s “thoughts” from which every human and supreme activity is born. In them I found history of the past and hope for the future. That they may become mental palaces that will live forever or a shack that the first breeze will carry away. They may delight the eye as well as the ear.

It is my most humble desire that through my writing that I may bring some hope to the hopeless, that I may inspire those who have become discouraged, bring liberation to those in bondage,that together we build a bridge of reason and span the chasm of doubt and cross onto the shores of illuminating understanding.

We are the makers and molders of our lives, the builders of our destiny. This we can unerringly prove if we but watch, control and alter our thoughts. We must connect cause to effect, and use our every experience to obtain that knowledge of ourselves that is understanding, wisdom and power. Only by patience, practice and unending persistence may one enter into the Temple Of Knowledge.

Knowledge only has power through its application. We must do more than stare up the stairs, we must step up the steps. Here take my hand and we will take this journey together. I’ll hold the lantern for us.

Peace & Light
Aubrey Dean Elwood, aka Cowboy


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