A Motivational Mothers Day Present

When we think of motivational speakers and writers we think of Napoleon Hill. In his National Best Seller Napoleon Hill put THINK first in the title and everything else he wrote. I must Think that in that word THINK is the KEY to his teaching.

However, many who read the book and profess to believe that the principles are true and demonstratable do not believe in the THINK philosophy. They are so sure that RICH comes by hard work, working long hours and sacrifice.  

Now would you buy a book entitled “Work hard, put in long hours and sacrifice the best part of your life and become rich”

Why do you think Napoleon put THINK first in the title and his entire philosophy of success teachings? Must have something to do with thinking, right? Let us examine what a thought consists of. First and foremost, a thought is a measurable unit of energy. Thoughts can have different levels power. Thought is powered by emotion; even more thought gives form to that which we and think and that is in proportion to the desire or emotional strength of the thought. (Imagination is the great secrete that I will expound upon later in another article)

The thing that most people miss in Napoleon’s philosophy is that the real powers of this world are not physical but mental and invisible. Power to have a physical effect must be directed towards a definite purpose to see a demonstratable effect. Take wind, now that is a powerful force and demonstratable when seen as a tornado of hurricane. A north wind could blow some shingles loose or damage some trees but the potential force of wind is not seen until given a definite major purpose. Why do you think a greater power comes from brain storming? Simply because concentrated power is given a direction or purpose.

Electricity acts on the same principles only when given a purpose (turning on switch) will electricity light our home or pathway. Please let this short little article light your mind as you pick up Napoleon Hill’s, Think and Grow Rich

Aubrey Elwood


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