The Crooks Foundation

I have gave some more thought to where the Crooks are heading and have devised this acronym for The Crooks Foundation: THE CROOKS: Torchbearing Handicapped Errant Crooks Resurgence; Offenders Objectifying Keeping Sober. HOW? Honesty Open-mindedness and Willingness.

Recovery from Incarceration, substance misuse and mental illness. Our first priority is “Housing First” providing a safe and sober living environment is the core foundation of our philosophy. From this foundation we can build strong and healthy human beings that have at least some semblance of hope at becoming members of a fast moving society that leaves millions behind left to their own ineffective misdirected devices. No longer Poor,hungry and driven we can THINK for a change.

I hope to take this and expand upon it and use the benefits from my writing and other crafts to make a contribution to a society that gave me nothing but pain and suffering. By taking this God given idea and developing it to its fullest in the days to come. Although it is not my job to be another’s keeper or their judge, what my job does consist of is giving my best, from the heart each and every day to those left behind like I was by this callous indifferent society.

What is wrong with America? Two things, You and me. Together we can form a more perfect country for all, great and small.

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