America Part 10 (final)

Sunday we got the sink working at least the cold water, we needed a new pipe for the hot water. For now that didn’t matter as I had no hot water. Dewayne said Jo Ann is cooking for us so lets don’t disappoint her. I gathered up Scrappy and we headed off to find if there was apple cobbler again. We just walked as it was a beautiful day out.

After dinner Jo Ann went and got a letter she had written for me to take to the parole man. It was real neat and you could tell it was a good letter just by looking at it she made it pretty by the way she wrote it. So I guess tomorrow is the big day. Well you need to get this all straightened out so I can stop worrying. DeWine said its about 65 miles to Clarksville. I said it seemed a lot father when i was coming here a walking and all. I just hope nothing happens and I have to walk again. There should be no problem that truck is in better shape than mine.

Me and Scrappy set off for home. I was hoping to get back in time to help Dewayne load the truck tomorrow. I was up early and made sure the lights worked and set off to get it done. I stopped at the Red Land store and got gas filled it up and it cost almost 5 dollars for 20 gallons. That should do it as I had left the rest of my money in the baking powder can in the cabinet had never drove this far on a trip the furthest I ever drove was from the river to town that was about 17 miles. I just didn’t feel right I wanted to be home in the woods with DeWine not out here where I didn’t know a sole.

I was lost in thought until I hit the railroad tracks coming into Clarksville and knew the Court house was just two blocks up the street. I parked the truck in front of the old jail and thought at least I am down here looking up there and not the other way around for a change. I walked over to the Court House by the same route I had taken from jail when They carried me to court. Now at least I had no cuffs on me and that helped my spirits. Some old people helped me find the parole office it was on the second floor. There was a Lady at a desk and she ask who i had came to see I said a parole officer. She ask me my name, Oh you just got out. Yes Mam. She got on the phone and said i could just have a seat. A few minutes later a man came in from the same way I did and said he was a deputy sheriff and had a warrant for my arrest told me to put my hands behind my back and put the hand cuffs on me and lead me out and over to the jail. This was not working out like I had planed at all. There was the truck just sitting there waiting. In the jail I ask the Deputy why the warrant he read something and said failure to report. That why I was there to report. He will be over and talk to you later. I was back where it all started in the same jail same side. Then later here came the parole Officer and took me out into an office and ask me where I had been I told him the whole story about not finding Jack and no where to live and going to find work. I told him I had a letter. He made some notes and said there would be a hearing in a few days. He locked me back up and later that evening I seen when they came and got the truck with a wrecker.

Two days later they took ne back to that office and there was two other men in there they talked among themselves and then told me that because i had a gun they were going to send me back and recommend that the District attorney file additional charges for the gun, possession of a fire arm after conviction of a felony. Gun what gun the shot gun behind the seat and the box of shells. You are also charged with possession of an unregistered motor vehicle and leaving the state without permission. They handed me a paper and the Deputy came and put me back in the jail. I kept staring at the paper but all I could make out was my name and 40 I kept thinking 40 what… Then i thought of the kid out in the juvenile cell I hollered until he answered me and ask him How many letters does month have in it and finally he said 5 and how about day he said 3 then I ask well what about year and he said four and my heart sank as that is how many letters was after 40. I wish there was someone to read it for me. Then it suddenly came to me, I just wonder… after all these years. Then I hit the bars climbing up to the cage in the middle of the jail. Found an old card board cover off a book and started digging in the crack under the metal band at the top I got out dirt cobwebs and trash then I felt it move and the end popped out a hacksaw blade I used it to scratch out two more that I had hidden so many years ago. Once again I said a silent thank you Sheldi! Things were suddenly looking up guess I was going to walk back anyway, probably through the woods. It was going to be a busy night for me.
The End (for the moment)


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