America Part IX

Friday night when we got in the porch was all lit up. We had a flat at the yard and was running a little late. There under the yellow light was Scrappy, probably got hungry.

Dewayne got out saying he wanted to make sure there was no leaks that would flood the place. said he had to get o home as Jo Ann would be worried. In the house we heard the water running in the kitchen. There was clear water coming from the facet. It turned off and we went to check the bath room plumbing and there was no leaks there and the bath tub and shower worked I was glad to see that as a shower really sounded wonderful about now. Said he would be back in the morning to start on getting the truck running then the plumbing for the little sink fixed. and he was gone.

I went to look in the refrigerator and felt the cold air and still the awful smell so I shut that up. Let it cool another day or so. I got the percolator out and washed it up and put water and coffee in it and plugged it in. Got pets bucket and filled it up and tied it back to the pole with him eating and pushing it around, the chicken was there undisturbed through it all. Back in the house the ker-plunk of the coffee percolator and smell of coffee in the air made the place feel like home somehow. Me and Scrappy decided on some chili and corn mixed that with some beans and went out to heat it up there was even a light out there. Life was getting really comfortable here in America.

Saturday morning Dewayne showed up with a jack, lug wrench , tool box and a batteries charger. We too the battery off and I carried it to the porch and he hooked it to the charger and plugged that in. Then we went out and took all the wheels and tires off and rolled them out to the truck, hooked the cable through them and hoisted them up on the truck. We were off to Hayworth to put air in them and see if they had leaks. We also got a 5 gallon can of gas and some oil. Back home we put the tires and wheels on or I did while Dewayne drained the gas and oil out and put the fresh in. While he removed the air cleaner I went and got the battery and put it in, hooked it up. Dewayne got a little can of gas and poured it in the carburetor got in and turned the key that was already in it. It turned over a few times and spit some smoke out the top, pour a little more gas in it, I did, this time it started and smoked like it was on fire then started to calm down in a few minutes it was running smooth as a sewing machine and as quiet, soon there was no smoke at all I put the air cleaner back on and Dewayne said let it run for a while. He checked the water and sent me after some and he went out to the truck to get some break fluid.

We went in for coffee and sat at the table. He said there was a gap( like a gate where the fence comes apart) behind the truck truck. We went and looked at the bathroom sink to see what he would need for that then headed back out to check on the truck still just a putting along. we took the water bucket and filled it got a rag and went and washed the windshield and back glass the side windows were rolled down inside was in good shape a little cracked from the heat closed up and all for two years but it was better that Dewayne’s truck. We got the gap open and Dewayne backed the thing out, I got the gap shut picked up Scrappy and got in and we were off to see Jo Ann. It ran pretty good a little spitting and sputtering at firs but it was running like a champ when we turned in the drive. Here came the hounds barking , Jo Ann was out hanging up clothes on the clothes line, she waved with a big smile and picked up Tammy Sue and came over. That didn’t take long looks like it is in pretty good shape too. I put scrappy out and the mutts took off for the house and Joann said I cooked for us figured yall would show up sooner or later. Come on in. On the porch I could smell the food smelled like some peach cobbler! I could only HOPE!

Sure enough there was peach cobbler and I ate my fair share. There was coffee and Jo Ann got the talk back around getting it straight about where I was and what all I was doing. She said they should be happy that i was doing so good here. She said she was going to write me a letter explaining that I was employed by Dewayne and had a place to live. Like she said what could the do i had not been in trouble or anything just went where I could find a place and work. There was no phone service out there but she said she would put the addressed and the phone number at the yard as you could leave messages there. They pretty much had it all planned out I just had to go and report and get back Home. So that was the plan wren we left. Jo Ann gave me an old electric skillet said that would help with the cooking until we could get some propane in the tank for the stove. Then we were talking about getting some wood up for the winter. It came fast and this was already August. Dewayne said you take Scrappy and head on home try your new truck out. We will be over tomorrow sometime and I will fix that sink and we were off to America. I really liked the pickup and it ran great. Things just kept getting better and better each day. Made me wonder what could happen that would change all this…
To be Continued……


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