America Part VIII

I was up early and the first thing I noticed was the chicken was gone. I built a fire and made some coffee thinking I would be joined by Scrappy but he was not an early riser. With coffee in hand i headed back inside and went to the front door that was stuck open, rain had blown in I guess and the floor was all warped up holding the door. I knew I had seen some tools in the =kitchen drawers so I went looking and found a hammer some nails and a wood chisel with these in hand i went back and started to try and beat the boards back in place, I needed nails. So back in the kitchen i found some nails, screws and a screw driver took them back and got the bards down took the chisel and took off the part still sticking up until the door closed without dragging. Feeling like the handy man I set off for the bathroom to see if I could repair the damage to the sink cabinet I found the pieces, sides and doors and top. I had to find some pliers to disconnect the sink. Got it all pretty much back in order, except the doors had grown a little and overlapped at the top. Good enough for the country. I set the sink in place and thought not bad, I decided to wait for Dewayne on the plumbing part. About that time I heard him coming down the road and ran to fill my coffee cup once more before we set off for the woods. I stopped to see about Scrappy but he was still under the covers, See you later little buddy and was out the door.

That evening when we stopped at the store I bought a 100 LB. sack of horse and mule feed for Pete. I guess he was going to stick around for a while. Dewayne said Oh I am sure he will now. He ask if I was going to get some chicken feed also. The chicken was gone this morning. Wonder where it went?

Back in America things had returned to normal as the chicken was back in its spot on Pete’s back head gone. I got a bucket of sweet feed and tied it to the post by the water with some bailing wire and Pete dug in you could tell it had been a while for him as he was making that chomping, crunching munching noise that along with the horse/mule and sweet feed smell just made your mouth water. I can tell you I have tried several brands of sweet feed and have not found one that taste anything like it makes you think it taste hearing and smelling them eat it. Come on Scrappy lets go find us something to eat.

We decided on some beef stew and what looked like small round potatoes and opened them put em in a pan and set off for the fireplace to add a little heat to it. It turned out pretty good and Scrappy eat his carrots a first for him. While we were eating we watched the chicken hop/fly down and was recovering what Pete was knocking out of the bucket keeping up a pretty good pecking there.

The next evening we came home by a different route through Hayworth. Dewayne stopped at the electric company and we went in. He talked to the lady and found that I would have to pay 27 dollars for an old bill and put up a 50 dollar deposit for them to put in a meter. So i gave her 75 dollars and she gave me a receipt and three dollars and said they would be out tomorrow to put the meter in and we were off to America again. Dewayne said this time tomorrow y’all should have some lights and water.

When we got there Dewayne said lets go look at the pump and got the tool box. In there He took out a plug and sent me for a bucket of water which he poured into the hole then screwed the plug back in said that should do that. Then we went to the bathroom and he got the water shut off for the sink said we would fix it the weekend. Well I better get home and see what Jo Ann is up to. Then he was gone.

Scrappy had slept through it all. until heard some pots rattling in the kitchen and i heard his little nails as they hit the floor he wasn’t going to miss anything to eat. We had some lunch meat and green beans that turned out pretty good. I was just thinking tomorrow we should have lights and Dewayne said Jo Ann was sending us an electric skillet and I had found a coffee percolator in the cabinets life was getting just plumb comfortable out here in the boonies. I wish I never had to leave just work and home that a plenty for this old boy. I got a bucket of water and headed in the house and got cleaned up standing there by the kitchen sink all ready for bed. Come on little buddy its that time. At that He took off for the bed pretty smart little fellow or just plumb lazy one. Another day of liberty for all here in America what more could a person ask for.


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