Born disabled in America is debilitating in so many ways. If you want to see the truly disabled then look to the homeless, those that missed the bus, yes even the little bus. Sure, you in your self-righteousness can say they are druggies or alcoholics. So why are they what and where they are? Being an alcoholic is not what I would call an educated decision by any stretch of the imagination. Although I am a believer in that what we are and where we are is because of our decisions, I know that changing the ability to make decisions does not come easy or at all for those with debilitating mental disorders.

For me the only I can live outside of prison or mental institution is alone with a dog (Bo) that seems to understand and love me no matter who or what I am or do. Is this not a lesson that others, (less Godly) should study and perhaps put into practice? Why are humans so unwilling to give what our four legged friends so willingly give? I in my humble opinion think that I or I should say those we call animals have the answer we are so afraid to admit to, and that’s acceptance.

Acceptance takes on a new meaning with our furry friends who never seem to wavier in their loyalty and devotion to those they love. Now I have a mental illness, however with the help of my one true friend I am able to bring this Daily Word to the world.

One day, just maybe people will climb the evolutional ladder up to where our animals are now.

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