America Part IV

The morning after….

bath-amerI woke up cold, wet, and naked. I could not for the life of me understand anything at all. There was a dim glow and a little dog looking at me and I seem to hurt all over. Then when I attempted to raise my head it all came rushing back in,  the Explosion! I managed to get my hand up to feel my head and found a knot about the size of a large egg on the side of my head. I managed to get to my feet and find the light that was now, not too bright and saw the mirror was still there but the sink and the cabinet was gone all that remained was the little base at the bottom on the floor. Then I noticed the sink was still there hanging to one side by a piece of flexible pipe. Holding the light close to the mirror I could see the side of my face looking like it had been scraped by a cheese grater. My shoulders were all scraped and red. Parts of the cabinet were all over the room. Scrappy was keeping a low profile probably worried about another explosion.

I found my clothes and got them on and went out to the porch and got in my chair some night air was just what I needed Scrappy got up in my lap and we were fast asleep. I heard the Truck that signaled the arrival of Dewayne and the first thought I had was I sure hope Jo Ann sent some more biscuits and sausages. About the time I spotted the grease stained sack He stopped and ask what the hell happened to you this time? There was an Explosion almost killed me and Scrappy. Then why does Scrappy look fine and you look like hell? Gimme the sack I need food, and he did with a biscuit in my mouth I set in telling in as much detail as I could the events that lead up to the explosion. When I was done he said” think I got it all figured out as I have heard of folks doing some amazing things when really frightened.” I wasn’t scared, I said By then we were in the bathroom, it’s sure enough tore all to hell in here. There is what you thought was a snake right there and put his toe on a black rubber hose coming up out of the base. What probably poked you in the butt was Scrappy’s nose as he does that to us at night he sleeps under the covers and has the coldest nose. That probably just shorted out all your circuits and the explosion was you coming up out of there. Probably knock yourself out in the process.

Hell get your boots on we gotta get to the woods or none of us will eat tomorrow and it’s Friday and we need a big load the yard is closed on the weekend. I gave Scrappy a biscuit and sausage and we loaded up and left. I got to thinking the old smoke and fumes in the truck made me feel kinda at piece as there were no real bad memories associated with it as of yet. I did wonder what ol Scrappy would do all day.

By three o’clock we had a full load all she would hold and headed to the Yard to collect our check which turned out to be 226.35 We went to the same store and he cashed it and gave me 50 dollars this time. Hell I would be rich in no time at this rate. I got some things for the house and some for Scrappy and the case of cheap oil soon we were headed home just needed to get gas then On to America.

Dewayne was telling me that he was going to Shine Well Saturday night to a place called the Hilltop He wanted me to go with him said just don’t talk about it in front of Jo Ann said she didn’t take to the shine they serve there. As he dropped me off he said be careful and they would be over in the morning to help with getting the place in order said Joann was worried about me and Scrappy with no woman around to see after us. He said I think I am beginning to see her point.

When I got the stuff out of the truck and Dewayne was off I carried it up to the porch and set it down wondering where Scrappy was then I heard a muffled growling sounding like it was coming from under the porch I got down there for a look see, but it was dark enough out that I couldn’t see, so I went and got the flashlight that wasn’t too bright and shined it under there and I heard it again sounded like something really pissed and I crawled a little father and heard it getting louder, and then the light went out…
To Be Continued

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