I rest not from my Eternal task

To open the Eternal world’s, to open the the immortal Eyes

Of Man inwards into Worlds of Thought: into Eternity

Ever expanding in the Bosom of God, the Human Imagination

William Blake


I think you have figured out how important the imagination is. This is my stand and this is my space so please bear with me. I hope you will come to understand how important it is to have a Vision (Dream). A vision is the starting point for everything. If you are sitting in a chair, that chair was first a vision before it was made physical. Someone held a vision of the chair as it was made. It went through many stages before it became the chair you see now. First the idea was conceived in the mind, creative imagination at work. See how an idea is translated into a visual image in a person’s mind, then out of that image comes the physical expression of that idea. Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”

I have remade my whole life through the understanding and application of creative imagination. Through creative imagination I have changed my beliefs about myself and the world in which I live, there by changing the out picturing those beliefs. I can trace my spiritual growth and greater understanding back to my use of creative imagination. I am no longer homeless. I own my own home, and have this website. All of this is the out picturing of a vision (dream). I have been out of prison 18 months and was homeless when I got out.

There is a story in the Old Testament, in Genesis, It’s the story of Jacob and His father-in-law Laban, Here Laban had agreed to give Jacob all the spotted and speckled animals in his flocks in exchange for many years of loyal service, taking care of Laban’s flocks. But Laban had a different idea when the time came to fulfil the agreement. Laban had his sons go out and remove all the spotted and speckled from the flocks and take them far away and hide them, leaving Jacob with nothing for all the years of faithful service to Laban. However, Jacob was not to be out done. Creative imagination was the advantage Jacob held over Laban. Jacob went to the watering troughs where the animals came to drink and breed, there he set up reeds in spotted and speckled designs and that which the animals beheld was reproduced in their offspring’s. That which we give out attention will be reproduced in our experience. This simple principle can transform anyone’s life. Beware of what you hold before your minds eye as that will become your experience.   

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