That was a quote from a comedian, little did he know that he had hit so close to the truth. What you see is what you get, imagination calls forth a power greater than you could ever imagine. It puts into action everything necessary to bring about what you imagine. The human imagination is the most powerful faculty humans possess. If you hold to that which you can imagine as being real. It will become your reality. This is the truth! Now I’m not saying that between imagination and physical things or circumstances there is nothing to be done, quite the contrary there is plenty to be done its called labor, hard labor. Learning to think correctly is going to be the hardest thing you ever undertook in this life.

Imagination is different than day dreaming. From imagination comes our direction in life sometimes called” Our Dream”, this MUST become a burning desire. The imagination does what we cannot do for ourselves. For one it can reach across the world and bring the person into our life that is needed. Your Dream, if powered by a burning desire becomes a power greater than yourself or any one human being. Not our finite puny power, the power of the universe. Our dream is how we direct the power of the universe. 

Here is a little story that will answer the question I know you are wanting to ask:

  One day while fishing on a little stream where trout would dart from under cover and snatch the little salmon eggs on your hook (well in theory). I had been sitting there for most of the morning (without catching a trout) when another fisherman showed up. He proceeded to unfold his little chair sit down and rig up his fishing pole. Threw his line out into the water, and sit there concentrating intently on the tip of the pole, never uttering a word. Then zipping through the stream came a trout and snatched the guys hook with a salmon egg on it. He made short work of reeling in the prettiest 12 inch trout. He took it off the hook, looked at it intently. then tossed it back into the stream. He begins to repeat the whole process, baiting the hook and getting it in just the place he wanted it to be. No sooner had he got settled in than another trout came zipping from cover and took his hook and ran with it. The fisherman repeated the process as with the other trout he had caught this time the trout was a little smaller than the first one.  Same as before he threw it back in and again baited his hook, tossed it back in the water same place. Again, a trout came zipping from out of nowhere grabbed the bait and was soon pulled from the stream by the fisherman. This time it was a small trout just barley legal to take about half the size of the first. Then to my astonishment, the fisherman proceeded to put this little trout in his ice chest and begin getting ready to go. Now all this time I got not so much as a nibble. Frustrated I had to ask the man why would he keep the smallest of the three trout, He spoke a terse reply “yep got a small frying pan”.

This is the story of why we don’t have great riches and wonderful circumstances we too have small frying pans. The imagination can just as easily deliver to us GREAT and WONDERFUL as it can a frugal existence. The hardest part of this is to learn that we are not the one responsible for bringing our Dream to reality. We are only charged with the responsibility of holding on to the dream powering it with ambition, making it our burning desire by feeding it with feelings, seeing ourselves as if it was already accomplished. Concentration on our dream with every faculty we possess and doing all we can each day to bring our dream into reality.

Each day I will send out a little SOS of sorts to remind you of the mission you are on. I hope we can learn from each other and find that there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If you can imagine it and hold to that image, the whole universe will empower you! Imagine this perfect power within you.

Next!   I will give you a demonstration on the power of concentration and how this power can be seen before your very eyes.

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