The Power of Concentration

Aim right, hold steady and ignite the flame

I remember as a kid finding a magnifying glass in an old desk that was in the dump. The imagination was fired when I mistakenly set a book on fire with the magnifying glass. I was using the magnifying glass to make the words appear as giant images where you could see the imperfections of the type. It was one of those bright, hot Summer days.

I am one of those people that always needs to know why something does what it does and how it does it. I experimented with holding the magnifying glass at different heights from the book and saw the circle of light focused on the page of the book grow smaller the closer to the book I held it, then pulling the magnifying glass back it would grow larger. Soon I figured out that the smaller the light the hotter it got and would darken and smoke would come when I focused the tiny speck of sun light on the book.

One other thing I learned was that in order to make a fire one had to hold the magnifying glass steady. Moving the magnifying glass around not focusing it on any one place it held no power. The way to harness the greatest power came from focusing the sun’s rays on the smallest possible spot. There was no power when the magnifying glass was continually being moved and never concentrated in one spot.

Here is a summation of what I learned; For one we all have sunlight available. However, few ever learn to concentrate the sunlight in one place long enough to do something magnificent. We all have energy however only those that have perfected the art of concentration go on to do amazing things. If you will learn all you can on the art of concentration and focusing your energy and effort, and yes even your thoughts in the same way as focusing the sunlight through a magnifying glass then you too will have some magnificent results! To sum it all up those who become Great are the ones that aim right (hold to their dream) hold steady, and ignite the flames of burning desire.

The places we put our attention and focus expand!

When you focus on fear and doubt, the evidence to support that that that is true will appear.

Even when you spend time in resisting fear and doubt you are still focusing on it, remember that what we resist will persist.

STOP Drifting about! Spend your time and energy focusing on your Dream. Empower your dream with emotion until it becomes your burning desire, Your Definite Purpose in life. 

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