Today From The Cabin:


I remember when I first saw the cabin that is now the home page and writing about it on Corrlinks. I have since lost that and most of the stories that I wrote while locked up. But I do remember saying that  I was sitting in my cabin in the woods where I could reach out to millions of people all over the world. Well today that is true in theory but I have just not got the hang of finding where everyone is hiding. You would think that with this COVID19 thing going on I could rustle up some bored people to send me tons of mail asking about my interesting life. however…. well today is a new day.

Today it is going to reach a high of 90 then tomorrows high is expected to reach 40 and the rain is coming. So those chores I have been postponing are knocking. Need to fix a leak in the roof (didn’t need fixing when it didn’t rain). I need to get out and cut some wood. Bo (My Dog) does not like a cold house. Need to get some LP gas but have to wait until the first of the month for some funds before that happens. 

In other news, I am thinking on putting together a hard copy of the “Crookbook” with the quarantine I am thinking that more than prisoners could be interested in the cooking techniques inside the CROOKBOOK. I hope to supplement my frugal existence with proceeds from this endeavor. I also think I will make some more of the cards and calendars.   

coming soon

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