Back from backbreaking…

Hi there long time no hear! I hope you are all doing well. Been out of work since I fell 15 feet and landed on my ass. I have a compression fracture of the L1 Vertebra and I need surgery to fix it. Just last week I got approved for Medicaid and I am now working on the surgery.  

I bought a little cabin on Lake Eufaula paid for in July. Bought this house two months ago. It’s an OLD house no one lived in for many years. In really bad shape had to redo all the electrical and just finished putting in all-new plumbing for the whole house. It has been a chore and has a long way to go but like eating an elephant you have to cut it up in small pieces. I hope one day you will come and see where all this goes.

My plans are turning the place into a treatment center/ release center for those in this area that need a place to live in a safe and positive environment. So far I have financed this whole venture with what I made working. This house could easily have 8 bedrooms with 2 to 4 people in each room. There is a giant room about 24 foot X 30 foot I will use for meetings and treatment classes. I have a wood heater in there and it keeps the part of the house warm where I am living in. I should have full-time internet soon then it will be easier to stay in contact. 

This place sits on an acre of land and is surrounded by giant pecan trees. Perfect place for what I want to do. 

I Need a name for this Treatment / Release center. Send in your suggestions!


Dr. Crook and Bo (Hound)

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