One More Piece of Freedom

I would be willing to bet that most of you take for granted having a driver’s license…right? Well folks, I do not, as I have not had one since around 1994 or so. Believe it or not, that impedes your freedom. Being able to drive here in America is pretty much a necessity as things are stretched out for miles and miles with no public transportation in the rural areas.  

What I am getting at folks is recently I went through a gauntlet of Department of Public Safety Officials and yes, they are of the Armed & Dangerous type, just to get my licenses reinstated in four states. Although I never had a driver’s license  suspended in those states. Seems as though
just going to prison is enough to have your driving privileges revoked/suspended which cost money to have reinstated. It would appear to the untrained laymen that this is just another way of disenfranchising those that go to prison from the freedom of movement within the continental United States. We are already banned from getting a passport.

The good news is that I now have in my possession a pretty blue piece of plastic that says I can drive legally. That happened on Friday May 18, 2019. It was like graduating from High School. I was absolutely thrilled and continued to think I am blessed. I had neglected this privilege for 30+ years. Some of it was  because I didn’t have the funds to pay the reinstatement fee and partly because I could not see the need of going through all the trouble when I did not think I would ever have anything to drive that required a driver’s licenses. No matter how you see it, it was a mental block that stopped me. I am beginning to see that same principle over and over in being the stumbling block for me. I think you could safely say it was a matter of not having faith in myself. I think that is the root cause of most problems we human beings face.

Faith has come to me as a little baby learning to walk just believing I can take a little step is enough to make me try. I have also learned that falling down is part of the process of getting from point A to point B that is when I remember to get right up again. It is so comforting to take a nap while feeling sorry for Aubrey. Don’t we all need some consoling at times when we think the sky is falling? Well, mostly only Aubrey has ever been there for Aubrey until the past few years when I started reaching out to others and developing a network of support. Once again, I had to feel that I was deserving of some support or I would have just sat on my pity pot and mourned the sad state of affairs in Aubrey’s life.

I am happy to report that things are coming together for me out here in the Big World. The key is having some place to sit down and think. A place where the door locks from the inside not the outside. Thanks for your support. Please know I am in a state of constant gratefulness. Thanks, again for your belief in me even before I had any in myself. You saw something in me that I did not see at the moment. For that I owe all I have.
Thanks so very much!!

Peace and Love

Aubrey Dean Elwood

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