Big House Departure & Little House Arrival

Greetings from the Little house!!! We (Miss Apple Tree and I) had a wonderful flight from Oregon to Dallas/Fort Worth. I have decided I like flying, it is just wonderful. It is the taking off and landing that is terrifying. I am so blessed to have some friends that provided a parachute that made the touchdown so much better!

The journey to New Hampshire is phase two! I am confident that now that I have been freed of FBOP the relocation of supervision to New Hampshire will proceed rapidly from this point on. Monday I go talk to the probation officer and will know more on this. I will continue to keep you all posted, hopefully daily now, that I am not constrained by Corrlinks. This is amazing to be sitting here writing this on a real computer. I want to thank all of you that gave me support during the Big House days. I am going to add some pictures of my newest accommodations.

One observation that stands out is the fact that Prison seems not to exist now that I am out here, just as out here did not seem to exist when I was in there.


Aubrey today

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