Distant Shores

This experience like all others are among those needed by me to build strength and endurance. I firmly believe, cling to as a drowning man to a branch that: We attract those experiences and conditions needed for our continual growth, a process that starts before our physical birth. The plant she sends down her roots into Mother Earth thousands of tiny fibers silently, invisibly attracted to those substances required for her vigorous growth. We also send out roots, mental roots silently, invisibly attracted to those things needed for our continual growth. The plant grows because there is a vision in the seed of what she is to become. Mr. Oak Tree had the vision of a giant oak in the tiny acorn. We too grow because we have a vision, “where there is no vision the people perish”. Growth is always towards a vision, to grow translates as; To Live. To live there must be a vision by which we are drawn (attracted to) The plants vision is much more than being a plant she make it possible for the butterfly to be and the bird to be and the fox and wolf and yes even us. As we partake of the plant we become entwined in the vision and cannot be separated from it.

Life does not exist except in growth.

I must believe in my own philosophy. How could I write about something I myself am unwilling to explore. I must believe in the God given vision as well as the faith to step out on the water. I cannot believe this vision would come without the ways and means and power to bring it into being. Those things that are most powerful are invisible, thought is invisible, mind is invisible, wind is invisible, electricity is invisible yet we have faith in their power and can demonstrate it by the flipping of a switch. You do it all the time taking no thought of where and how it is, because it just is. The same as I just am.

Although I am here in a frail human form, I am powerful, because I have a vision. For me a vision is like the sail on a ship. By raising the sail and setting the rudder you have faith that the invisible will come and power you to your destination. You do not provide the wind! I believe, stake my life on, with a vision comes the ways and means (Power) to get me where I am going (Vision) So with the sails set full and both hands firmly on the helm I have faith the wind will come and I will sail into those uncharted waters, I will reach the distant shores… destiny and fate, my vision.

Peace & Love

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