Big House Breakfast Burritos

Just as we promised we are cranking out the best cooking directions in the Big House. The Card board computer is wide open ( ah we are getting the bugs out at the moment) This is fresh off the press. I know you cant wait to get to cookin’ so put on them Crookbook hats and step right this way. If you do not have your own Crookbook Hat then let us know and we will get you one on the way. Coming Soon!! Crook Clothing We got the T-shirts that say I love a Crook with a picture of your choice of crook on it. Then we have boxers, caps, shorts and socks all have the Big House Crooks on them. Remember the Big House Rocks…. We are standing by taking orders because we know that Christmas is just around the corner. There are still a few of the count down calendars available, that is a last call on them they are still good for 6 months. Last Call!!!

The Big House Breakfast Burrito
This is some real Breakfast for the Big House

To make this Delicious recipe you gonna need some stuff, first off you need to gather some eggs from the kitchen workers an a little splash of milk.
2 Flour tortillas
3 medium eggs (pilfered)
1/2 sack of refried beans
1/2 sack if instant potatoes
4 oz bar of soap??? Ahhhh make that 4 oz bar of sharp cheddar cheese
(or 4 oz squeeze cheese)
salsa of choice or what is available

Now for the first step: Stir up the eggs (once you get them out of the shells) splash in the plash of milk (also pilfered from the chow hall) Then put them in the Mike-Roe-Wave Cooker (In a Mike-Roe-Wave Bowl) and cook until scrambled. Then stir with a fork.

The second part is to mix refried beans and instant potatoes according to the directions on the sack. (yes in separate bowls) Now put down 2 12X12 plastic pieces cut from a trash sack on flat smooth surface (locker or the floor) place a tortilla on each of them. Now we gonna layer on the stuff in this order: beans, eggs, potatoes, cheese and then the salsa. Fold em up into burritos. Them is burritos fit for a King or Queen.

Iff’n you want to get really creative and take some real risk pilfer some fresh veggies from the kitchen like some onion, chives or tomatoes. Don’t get caught as pilfering of fine food items from the chow hall is against the rules and we are all about rehabilitation (That is not getting catched the next time around)

OK Keep them Crookbook Cooking Hats close by as we have more of these fine concoctions coming your way…

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