The Gospels (7 final)

Walters Luxury liner was almost ready for launching. Just a few more details to fill in. He wanted to spend the remaining thirty six hours rehearsing his speech. He had went over it a thousand times in his head. He had memorized it line for line each point made as clearly as he could make it. The speech was like most things that Walter had done, it was put together and taken apart. Each time something was learned about the use of a part. Words were no different, it was all mechanics when it came down to it. Things were all built the same, one piece at a time and made stronger by testing it. Figuring out new ways it could be done. How design could change the structure.

Walter had a vision, and like all new visions it had to mature, before it was exposed to the elements and harsh realities of speculation. The critical eye had the power to kill the tender bud. Like a tree is stronger than just the tiny bud it began as. With each new leaf and branch it grows stronger until at last the full grown Oak stands strong for hundreds of years through all elements. Now the time had come for Walters vision to fly. It was time for the release, its time was here.

Walter too was ready for his moment in the sun. Momentarily, He wondered how many of the invited guest would show. Walter was an unknown and such an invitation would have little effect. That is why Walter spent so much time and money in the preparing of the programs for the evening as that was his whole card. Who could resist? Walter looked heavenly and again saw the four bright shiny eagles protecting the young inside from the elements. The vision was complete now. “The Chrysler Corporation’s” day had come.

That evening Walter P. Chrysler was the first to arrive. Moving things, adjusting things like he had always done trying to make the most of what he had to work with. It was just really things to keep his hands busy as it was his mind that was seeing into the future, he held to a dream.

Then they came… and seemed there was more than the 50 invitations he had sent out. Walter walked to the podium and thanked all for trusting him with their evening and assured them that not one would go away empty handed. Then Walter told them the story of how he could see further down the road than others, because he had stood on the shoulders of Giants, Like Henry Ford and Thomas A. Edison. Fifty seven minutes later Walter again thanked them for coming and informed that Dinner would be served in 15 minutes. When Walter stepped down from the podium food was forgotten as he was swarmed by the crowd with outstretched hands of some of the most influential and richest people in New York.

In 1930 when the Chrysler Building was finished it was the tallest building in the world and it is standing to this day and Protected by the four stainless steel Eagles one at each corner a” living monument” protecting their young: ideas.

Now my friends that is the story, well that’s my version of it. I am sure if Walter were here he would approve of this version and give it at least five stars. No matter how things happen, I think we all have our own versions of the truth and this is mine.

~The End~

Peace & Light
Aubrey Elwood

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