The Gospels (6)

Walter had some work to do before November 1, which was just three days away. First off, Walter went to the law firm he had visited the first trip to the City. Where he got a copy of the Corporation Agreement he had filed for. He also received several contracts which had names already filled in on most of them.

Now Walter was headed back to the rooming house. There was work to be done there. For two days Walter poured over the notes and drawings. Arranging, rearranging until at last he fell into a deep sleep and slept until late the next day. He was preparing for the day, he had given his all on this. Now he was satisfied that all the work would pay off.

On the first of November Walter was the first to arrive at the Astoria Waldorf Hotel for the Bankers conference. At first he was mistaken for one of the catering boys. Walter had come to observe not to impress any one. Walter needed to concentrate on every thing that was said today.

Soon people began to arrive. Men who needed no introduction. J.P. Morgan, Charles M. Schwab and even such inventors as Thomas A. Edison and Henry Ford were there. Then He spotted Andrew Carnegie. Well this was going to be interesting for sure. The Dramatic, Big Business Men of the Day were there all under one roof. Well, Walter set off on his rounds shaking hands introducing himself as the president of his corporation. Some even made the remark that they had heard of the corporation.

By the two o’clock hour Walter was exhausted, and mentally drained from the intense concentration on what was being said. There was not a word without a gold lining on it. Back at the rooming house Walter made notes on all he had heard that night. Then set about making plans for his big night.

The next day Walter made himself a list of all the things that he needed to get done in the following week, as he had set a week from today as the day he would launch his ship out into the water. Then it was sink or swim and Walter was confident that it was a worthy vessel that would sail without a hitch.

Next morning, he set off into the City, His first stop was the University Club on 5th Ave. He made a reservation for one week from today and paid in advance. Then He was off to a printing place he had found. Not a cheap one, but a high quality one, now was not the time or place to be frugal. He needed quality for them to hold in their hands. It was the evening Programs he had designed and he needed them made. He had them down to the letter and the drawings were immaculate. They worked out a price and agreed on the delivery date. Walter was to come the next day to look at a proof copy.

Walter had ended the program with a detailed drawing that had taken him over a hundred hours to complete and the explanation that He knew there was no way he could compete in the market with greater efficiency, so instead Walter had chosen to enter the market with Luxury. Comfort rather than economy. He knew there was a market for quality any time. He titled the Drawing. The best that money can buy.

To Be Continued

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