The Gospels (5)

When Walter stepped down from the train in New York City he put down the suit cases, looked up at the tall buildings and thought… there was just something about them that made them seem alive like they had souls and were breathing, living things. Walter thought I hope to one day be right up there with the tallest of them. Standing there as a monument to the stars and worlds yet unseen.

Walter picked up the suit cases and set off for the rooming house he had found on his last trip to the Big City. Walter knew that he was going to have to be frugal with what funds he had. There was so much to be done in the next few weeks.

The next morning found Walter sitting across from a Banker. Walter had a bank draft in his hands for the closing on his house and was in need of some sound financial assistance. He questioned the banker at length on the investment qualifications of the bank in investing their customers money. The interview went on for over 20 minutes with Walter turning the bank draft constantly in his hands. Like they needed to remain busy while Walter was sitting. Then abruptly Walter looked at his watch and exclaimed My God I am late for another appointment and sticks out his hand, shakes hands with the banker and then rushes out saying I’ll be in touch. The bank draft still firmly in Walters grasp. Outside the bank Walter takes out a little notebook and writes the bankers name and fills the page with notes about the interview. Then Walter set off for another bank and soon found one and got another interview with the vice president. Walter had made up his mind that he would talk to no one lower than the Vice president.

Every week day Walter made his way around town to the banks always with the bank draft ever ready for deposit in the lucky bank that was the right one for Walter. The one that made wise investments and Walter was really interested in what it took to get the banks to invest their customers money. That was the real important part of this work Walter had undertaken.

On the weekends Walter was studying his notes on the weeks interviews and making notes for the next weeks interviews. Walter also took up the habit of gracing the early morning news stands, scanning the headlines and deciding on which paper he would get for the day.

Walter missed the old neighborhood in a way, but here was the place he had dreamed of. Where as they say the sky is the limit. He looked up at the thought and found himself humored at the thought “Not my limit though.” Smiling at the thought he stuck his hands into his pockets as the wind was chilly and turned the corner and there was a Big sign saying Investment Bankers Convention Nov. 1 through 3 and gave the address of a famous hotel. Well this was going to be an interesting event and Walter started making plans to attend, with the bank draft in hand of course. Well you just never know what will entice a man to part from their secrets of success.

To Be Continued

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