The Gospels (4)

Life pretty much returned to normal in the little neighborhood. Walter had returned to his normal routine work and home. Only the sign and the automobile were stark reminders that things were not quite right at Walters house.

The next big surprise came from a man down at the factory who was a clerk in the main office. Walter had given notice that upon the sale of his home he was quitting his job at the factory. Poor Walter, it was just a matter of time now before he was out on the streets. The County should appoint someone to care for him. Take care of his finances and such. It was becoming clear that Walter was not responsible any longer. Someone needed to do something and soon.

The neighbors say ol’ Walter was now burning the midnight oil, as they say. Late into the night Walter could be seen sitting at the kitchen table writing or drawing until two or three in the morning. Then at seven o’clock every morning Walter would come out and head to work whistling a tune waving at anyone out at that time of the morning. At Ave. E he would turn and disappear from sight but not from the minds of those watching. They seemed to truly care about the current state of Walters well being.

Then the leaves begin to turn into the brilliant fall colors and with the coming of Fall came the news. The house was sold. Then the men came and took up the sign and soon the falling leaves had covered the place where the post had been. Now it was like a bad dream that disappears upon waking. Only now Walter was going to awaken to finding himself with no home, no job and no family. Poor Walter what was going to happen to him? Probably end up out there where his mother died, the asylum.

As for Walter though it seemed his spirits were even brighter! Saturday morning Walter appeared in the yard with buckets and rags and set about scrubbing his automobile inside and out. Then about noon when it was time for his usual trip to get groceries, Walter came out with some white pieces of cardboard he put one on each side of the automobile and one on the front they read FOR SALE by owner there was his name and address and where he worked. Then Walter cranked her up and disappeared down the street and the only automobile in the neighborhood was gone and would never return. About two hours later Walter came walking from the store with two sacks of groceries something he had done since he was about 16 every Saturday. It was good to find something that had not changed.

A few days later the neighborhood was in a uproar again. Seems the paper boy had made an early morning discovery. There was a tool box and some other odds and ends out by the street in front of Walters house with a sign that read FREE TO ANYONE IN NEED. People had gathered on the porches following the latest news. They had their coats pulled tightly as the first cold nip was in the air. The early morning activity was uncommon for this early in the morning. Rumors had it that the paper boy had found Walter down at the train station, where he had purchased a one way ticket to New York City. He was said to have had his two suit cases and boarded a train about 7 AM that morning. Well you know they say that New York is full of crack pots and lunatics. No one and nothing comes to any good there, just too big. Poor ol’ Walter He will be eaten alive and then thrown into the sea. Well that was their thoughts on the matter. Now Walter P. had some thoughts of his own which they or for that matter not a living soul knew anything about… YET!!

To Be Continued

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