48 days till release from prison

How did I get here? How did I get involved with Crooks? The Gang of Crooks, more specifically. It starts with an urge to write, but lacking incentive. No, it started with an urge for solitude, a knack for isolation as well as an urge for connection. Reading books about these issues, including a book where a long prison sentence was a prominent part of the story.

After watching an old crime show on YouTube, I googled for how the appeals went. I found his pen pal ad, and started writing. This lead to me joining an internet forum about prisons to better educate myself. Then I joined organized card swaps, where I would send cards to unknown prisoners and other people would send cards to my pen pal. Soon, prisoners began replying to the cards I sent them. Aubrey was one of them, and we hit it off so to speak. I launched my space ship to regularly visit his base.

After some time I decided to start this blog to give Aubrey a platform for his writings. That was something concrete I was able to do. This is the short version. The longer version will come out in fits and starts later on.

Johan Holtkuile

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