Big House Crooks Constitutional Amendment 
Public Crook Membership BH-BILL-#BHTWH-2020-ACT 

We the crooks in order to form a more perfect union for mentally ill residents, 
hereinafter and at all times refrenced herein in this constitution as such, 
(Crooks) here in the Big House as constitutional rights advocates do hereby 
declare, depose, swear to, pledge and give our alliance to the Governor Crook Presidential Campaign. 
We as adopted crooks shall support this cause and heretofore solemnly vow to stand with complete and total alliance to the aforementioned said pledges, swearings and duly deposed statements and affidavits. We allocate to the said cause the sum of $__________, on this ____day of _______, 20___. 

We under the penalties of perjury and all such other formal actions deemed just and appropriate for any such scoundrel, scalawag, delinquent behavior by any of us, as members and lawful crooks. I ______________________(full name) agree to any punishment demed proper for violations of my official crook membership as set out in line 11 of page 1 section A, subsection (i) of paragraph 2 of the BH-BILL#BHTWH-2020-ACT. 
Herein Therefore: 
Be it now remembered and signed into law of the Big House Constitution and enacted on this______day of ______2019. At the agreeing of the said agreed parties that___________________________(full name) is hereby and heretofore granted a full fledged crook membership with all rights, responsibilities and the privileges of a Official Crook membership as one that was convicted in a court of law while incompetent by reasons of a mental illness by some jurist under the black cloak of injustice. Not withstanding those of a foreign land or those other reprobates, ruffians, swindlers, villainous or brazen shenanigans of the felonious. Not withstanding and excluding characters such as old coots, geezers, 
codgers and grizzled old people that fall under the Dumbfounded and Aghast exception clause as they are not responsible for thier attitudes. 
Therefore be it now enacted by the signing of this bill into law and Big House Constitution by the Chief Crook himself, The Good Doctor, Elwood P. Crook Ad.D 

Doctor Elwood P. Crook Ad. D. 


Subscribed and sworn to before me a notorious public crook this_____day of ___________,2019. 

My commission expires 4-13-23”

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