Aubrey’s enchiladas

Iff’n yall ain’t got them Crookbook hats on get em on cuz today is Columbust Day an we gonna make us sum of them ” Ain’t Che Ladas” (that is French for the whole thing) I think…. any way they is Lip Smackin’ Great!!!!

You gonna need sum stuff:

Bout 4 of them flour tortillas
and 2 sacks that shredded chicken/pork
an 8 oz. of cheddar cheese block (chopped up shredded or crumbled) or sum squeeze cheese
1 of them sacks of chili w/beans
1 sack of chili w/o beans
sum a that ranch dressing
and that salsa we all love on every thing
Of course one of them Mike-Roe-Wave Bowls

Now we a gonna put the meat, chili w/beans, half of the cheese in the Mike-Roe-Wave Bowl  and het it up in the Mike-Roe Wave Cooker until good-n-warm. Now put down some trash sack on a level surface so you can lay out them tortillas flat. (yes all four of them) then spread that concoction what is in the Mike-Roe Wave Bowl onto the tortillas evenly. Then roll em up and kinda mash a little. (not much) Now we a gonna put them back in the Mike-Roe-Wave bowl. ( you don’t need to wash it ) put two of em in them mash down scoop some more of the concoction on it. put a little of the chili w/o beans and some of the cheese on top along with some of the salsa and ranch dressing. repeat this three more times and put on the rest of what is left over. Put that in the Mike-Roe Wave Cooker and cook for 5 minutes at least. There it is folks the famous crooks feast (Ain’t-Che-Lada-Bowl” Eat bout half and save the rest for later.

Please be careful when cooking in the Mike-Roe Wave Cooker it makes stuff hot.

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