Jack Mack Taco Grandees

These may not be as good as Momma makes but they’re a really great SUBSTITUTE!!!

Folks today you gonna need:

4 of them flour tortillas
bout 4 packages of Jack Mackerels
2 of them chicken ramen noodles
bout 3 big spoons of jalapenos or chop/dice up sum dill pickles
1 medium sack of pork skins (crushed) ahhh after you buy them at commissary
1 pack of chili seasoning from a ramen (save the noodles for later)
Sum of your favorite hot sauce

Now we gonna:
Mix them crushed up pork skins and the seasoning. Then add sum hot water (from the 180 degree dispenser) Let that sit for ’bout 8 or 7 minutes. Then stir sum more and add the pouches of Jack Mack and peppers or pickles and stir sum more.

Now cut you sum 12X12 trash sack pieces ’bout four of em then lay them out on flat smooth surface and place a tortilla on each one. Now spoon on the concoction evenly between the four. Add sum of your favorite hot sauce (a heaping helping is recommended)

Now tuck and roll em into them delicious south of the border “JACK MACK TACO GRANDEES” Gonna make you want to slap yo Mammy they so damb good.

OK folks stay tuned we are here at the Big House keeping the presses rolling for you. Remember to start getting your Crook Clothing and accessories. Please include the items you really want.

If you think of something you would like to see Offered in the Big House CrookBook let us know Miss Apple Tree is standing by to take your calls and messages.

Keep them Crookbook hats close to your heart as we will be back….

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