We The Crooks

Mythbusters Proudly Presents:

“We The Crooks”. We Can’t Recover or Overcome Oppression Keeping Silent!

We the Crooks: First and Foremost we crooks are people. Not perfect people, just people.

We’re PhD’s* who have not the sufficient capital to form corporations, at the present moment.

We have a keen sense of injustice and a working knowledge of business principles, although misinformed and misguided.

We (just like you) do just what we think is absolutely necessary each moment. Although in retrospect we will begrudgingly later admit that some of the decisions we make were just plain dumb, when seen in the light of sanity.

We are people. People with a mental illness that upon occasion commit the same kind of survival crimes like others who find themselves under economic stress do. Living conditions are an important factor in all cases of our offending behavior.

However, where We Crooks are separated from Them Criminals is that us crooks with a mental illness are living in poverty and squalid conditions, not by our choice, but because of our disease.

We crooks with a severe mental illness are unlikely prospects for steady employment. Not because we are lazy. Some of us show up at work ready to do every ones job and just getting started when quitting time comes every one leaves except us.

When we are among the unemployed and still need to eat, we commit a crime and then we are caught up in the Criminal Justice System a complicated cycle of arrest, release. Now we can’t work because we have to appear in court on Monday. The Court sends us to outpatient counseling Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Then we have to go to the clinic on Tuesday to get free medications on Thursday.

We are a people that is quietly driven by desperation to survive another day. Homeless, hungry, alone and scared with a deadly invisible disease that causes us to be incarcerated at alarming rates in Americas VIOLENT PRISONS. This is only aggrivated by the fact that the largest mentally ill population in prison are those above the age of 60. These are the people spoken of by us as: We The Crooks.

From The Big House
Us Crooks

* Poor, hunger Driven

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