Professor of Audacity

Sometime around 11.10.19

From the Big Houses very own resident Philosopher Dr. Emmit P. Crook, Professor of Audacity

How is your thought life? Or have you really given it any (thought) lately? Well relax I will show you just what you have been thinking…. It is evident that what you see is just what you are thinking/ What you think is what you get (with apologies to Flip Wilson). I know its a hard reality, but that is just the hard truth of the matter.

Life is like a mirror that reflects back to you just what you think into it. You can no more change this law than you can change the day of the week.

However some good news! By changing what we think we can change what is reflected back to us (Life). My beloved Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote “a man is what he thinks about all day long.” This is a statement that should be taken to heart and ponder seriously.

It is said that “The truth will set us free” However that is only when we know the truth and put that knowledge to use ( act upon it) From there we can be what we will to be.

We have that which our thought has attracted to us. If you do not like what you have (and are receiving)  by changing your thought (what you are giving) your changing your life. Thought is creating the world as we know it moment by moment.

The mind-blowing stark naked reality is Thoughts are things, they take shape and form in the physical world. The greatest of all thoughts is that by taking control of our own thought world we can completely transform our physical world in exact proportions to what we think into it. Nothing could be greater…..

In holding to a vision (our desired being) we can direct our thought towards that vision until the vision appears in the tangible, physical form and creating the master-piece we were born to create the work of art known as YOU. You were born to be the person you desire to be. Nothing less is acceptable.

What a man thinks of himself, that is which determines, or rather indicates, his fate.

                                      Henry David Thoreau

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