Breaking News from here deep in the bowels of the Big House. Dr. Crook has just returned from the Laboratory with yet another Earth Shattering medical discoverie. Great News Folks!!! Yes the good Doctor can now offer hope to those who suffer from a chronic condition known by the medical profession as “AEHD”. This recent report could bring immediate relief to millions that now suffer from this extremely toxic condition; AEHD*.

This New Amazing discovery gives hope to millions who are suffering needlessly from this horrible condition. Today we are offering once in a lifetime Amazing Technology that will CURE or greatly reduce the effects of this deadly malady AEHD. If caught in its early stages you can avoid the high cost of long term treatment by “nipping it in the bud” so to speak with these Supplements and instructions in this very limited offer. The supplements when combined with this amazing new technology is 99.99999% proven to reduce the effects of AEHD in laboratory test conducted here in the Big House by Dr. Crook Ad. D and Miss Apple Tree Take our word folks we are qualified as experts in this field.

You may have AEHD and not even know you have it, and if left untreated AEHD can lead to stroke, heart attack, slips and falls and sudden death. We have devised a self diagnostic test, if you answer “yes” to at least two of the following questions you more than likely suffer from this deadly condition known as AEHD.

1  Have you ever suffered from stomach cramps?
2 Have you ever had indigestion?
3 Have you experienced weight gain?
4 Have you ever experienced weight loss?
5 Have you ever experienced dizziness?
6 Have you ever used artificial sweeteners?
7 Have you ever gone on a diet?
8 Have you ever failed at a diet?
9 Were you ever surprised when you saw your weight on the scale?
10 Have you ever experienced blurred vision?
11 Have you ever had a fever?
12 Do you have AIDS? (hearing aids, seeing aids, chewing aids etc.)
13 Do you seem to get older each passing year?
14 Have you ever forgotten something important?
15 Have you ever wondered if you were having a heart attack?

Remember if you answered these questions honestly and two or more of the answers were “yes” then chances are great that you have this horrible condition and need help Immediately if not sooner.

GREAT NEWS!!!! For $19.99 we will put in the mail to you this Amazing trial size Supplements and information kit. This is something you do not want to get left out on. Folks we are offering this Life Saving Technology for the unbelievable LOW, LOW price of $19.99 This is a Limited Offer Folks. Get those checks in the mail before time runs out. We are ahead of every one with this breaking technology. Why the FDA, CDC, CIA and FBI have not even caught up with us on this one. So Folks don’t get left behind, get them checks in the mail or as always we take cash. TIME is of the essence in this endeavor.

for those of you that are not members please subscribe to the BIG HOUSE NEWS, you can check us out on our website. Coming soon: The Crookbook Vol.I

That is it for now Folks
Your correspondents from here in the Big House
Dr. Crook and Miss Apple Tree
Good Day!

*Awful Eating Habit Disorder

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  1. KemppiMaster says:

    Both Pauli Murray and Bill Beinecke drew such large circles—and so many circles—that their lives intersected. I urge you to do the same. Draw many circles; make them large in all kinds of ways. You will find life richer, fuller, and more meaningful, and you will bring to the world the empathy and understanding we so desperately need.


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