A Prescription for Joy

To find this elusive treasure we will need the help of a magic glass to follow the obscure trail. Let us first try gratitude as the magic lens to see the clues that are so hard to find at times like this.


Now that puts a new light on the little things we have taken for granted every day, things we haven’t even noticed in years. It is amazing how that magic power of gratitude brings such a brilliant light upon that elusive energy we call Joy. Amazingly, the greater the gratitude, the brighter the light… until at last the light burst into a pure white light of brilliant energy: Joy!!

With all that said in finding a new perspective on joy, here is just one perspective: mine. “Joy is perspective” from the point of gratitude joy is compounded and multiplied into our lives. It’s Magic you know!

Now you see it, now you don’t! Its your call. Come follow me! “I’m Gratitude” I will lead you there!

Peace and Love
Doctor Crook and Mat
From: The Big House

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