Crookbook – Kracklin’ Kracker Bark

Captain Crooks Famous “Kracklin’ Kracker Bark”

Today we gonna make us sum ah that “Kracklin Kracker Bark” from scratch an’ you gonna need :

1 spoon instant koffee (Keefee brand)
3 spoons of surp (pilfered from the chow hall)
6 spoons of honey
1/2 cup (medium coffee cup) peanut butter
2 cups of shredded wheat (in a pinch Bran flakes will work)
1/2 cup grape nuts (or more flakes)
1/2 chocolate bits (Hershey bar broken up)
1/2 cup of salted peanuts (beat up with your lock or brogan heel)

First your gonna put the Koffee, surp, honey an’ peanut butter in a Mike-Roe-Wave bowl an’ het that concoction for a few minutes in the Mike-Roe-Wave Cooker stirring occasionally (take out to stir)

Second you gonna stir in the shredded wheat after you crumble it up sum. Make sure that cereal is completely evenly coated with the concoction. Then spread out a new or gently used garbage sack on your locker or the floor and pour it on it.

Third quickly cover that with a piece of the garbage sack an’ press lightly. (Not hard)

Fourth remove the garbage sack on top and sprinkle on the chocolate bits an’ let that melt sum.

Fifth Sprinkle on the salted peanuts and make sure you sprinkle on the salt left in the corner of the cup.

Sixth let cool then break into pieces the size an’ shape of your choice.

Them going to be the bestest “Kraclin’ Kracker Bark you ever sunk your teeth into.

You will want to pack sum of these up for later. They really good with some milk (Pilfered from the chow hall) or sum of that Keefee Koffee that that the commissary sells for 3 dollars a bag.

OK that is the latest from The Big House but there is more where that came from and we are gonna share that with you a little later in the week so keep them cookin’ hats handy and we will be right back.

Remember that pilfering of food from the chow hall is against the rules and if you get caught let them in on sum of the product after its made. Next time they will be blind and miss shaking you down its the shake down price. This is only a recomendation.

The Crew of Crooks @ the Big House

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