A Call to Arms

A very good friend of Aubrey has offered him to come to New Hampshire after release. Included in the offer is a place to live, and a job. Last year, this plan was rejected by FBOP. They are of the opinion that he should be released in Oklahoma, where he knows nobody and has no place to live. We have decided to again try to convince FBOP that to release Aubrey in New Hampshire into the care of friends is in the best interest of Aubrey as well as of FBOP.

In Aubrey’s own words:

Justice isn’t served by sending an elderly person, (who has paid his debt to society,) out into the world alone.

Upon release to Oklahoma in a few months, I face great risk of becoming homeless, with no employment, increased anxiety, fragmented community ties (at best), and combined with my chronic medical conditions and mental health issues my future will look bleak.

Compare this with what is offered to me in New Hampshire: some improved discharge planning and reentry preparation which has strategicaly been put in place over the past few years. Should I be released to Concord, New Hampshire, there are those who can and are willing to improve my reentry experience. Here I will be returning as an elderly “Citizen” with community support and receptivity, including housing, medical help, mental health, financial stability, friends, mentors and some meaningful employment, (perhaps all for the first time in 65 years a real home experience).

What is offered to me by my friends and mentors is above and beyond the inefficient and inhumane experience that the corrections system has provided for me in the past and is now willing to extend to the elderly and mentally ill when leaving prison today. 

Please help me convince FBOP to release me in the arms of friends and while doing so giving me the best chance for success. 

As I may add, success should be in the interest of FBOP as well, because Aubrey’s success will benefit society, and save society or government a few dollars as well.

Please help Aubrey and write your letter or words of support, and submit your letter to j.holtkuile@gmail.com. I will combine the letters and send them to his case manager in prison who is supportive of our efforts.


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