Christmas in the Big House

This is our first Christmas all together here at the Big House. We, the crew of crooks, are a story of one becoming many. Each of us was given a life through creative-imagination-in-motion, divine intelligence called the human imagination. The place where free will joins the Spirit of creativity.

Everything you see was once only imagination. By the use of imagination we bring into our current reality that which we presently know about and give out attention to. We cannot reach beyond our mental image nor can we run away from our shadow. What is showing up in our current reality is the direct result of our mental picture (thought) that we hold of ourselves – our life.

So we create and imagine a life full of unlimited possibility. We know without a doubt or reservation that imagination results in experience, taking form. Through spirit’s power creative desires are completed! We accept this gracefully with grateful hearts.

Each day we come together here at our little table and imagine… an all encompassing vision, a deeper realization. That has nothing to do with daydreaming, magical thinking or hoping. This imagining comes from Creative Spirit – imagination.

We are grateful and give thanks for our life and the ways in which we join with spirit to create more and better in all we do. We use imagination to create lives filled with joy, fun, harmony, balance and growth.

Now we can hear some of you thinking…”easy enough when you are an imaginary little crew that lives a hypothetical life as fictional and whimsical little characters in the mind of some crazy old geezer in The Big House.”

WELL do we now!! Do you, not live from within your own mind. Is not the ringing of a bell in your mind, not in the bell? Or are the rainbow colors up in the air, or in your mind? If this is true for some experiences why is it not true for us. We live and have our life in you.

Sure theoretically we do not exist. We can’t prove that we do. However it’s not inconceivable that we do. Just like everything else, if only you can conceive and believe you can achieve.

Welcome to the Big House… that is if you can believe. We wish you a Merry Christmas where ever you may be.

Good Day,

Miss Apple Tree, for the crew here at the Big House

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