Operation Parachute

Good day from here at the Big House!!

It is “Black Friday” Folks! A bleak day indeed for our Family here in the Big House. So we have chosen this day to pull the rip cord on project “Operation Parachute”.

As of April 13, 2019 our lease expires and our family; six crooks and me Miss Apple Tree, shall be evicted from the premises of the Big House with no place to formally land. We are as of now, completely dumfounded and aghast at the prospect of touching down “out there” at some undetermined location and being scattered like some dried leaves to the four winds of chance. We are a close knit family in need of safe and secure accommodations wherein we may again set up housekeeping and shops and a clinic for the Good doctor.

We are currently designing (on our cardboard computer) some labels for you to place on those jars and cans so you can place them at retail stores all over the world for us. Your contribution is greatly needed and appreciated.

We have also designed a Count down calendar. With the purchase of this item you will automatically become eligible for a daily updates on this dire turn of events. We have correspondents standing by to keep you abreast of the latest developments as this unfolding atrocity transpires before your very eyes.

For more information on how you can get involved in this, or speak to your favorite Crook or me we have set up a hotline>>>BigHouseNews@gmail.com or you can reach us at our website http://www.drawingawidercircle.com

We are expecting a very large volume of responses so please be patient as we will get back to each of you individually.

You can order your Count Down Calendar now while the first print is still running (a collectors item) for the low price of 19.95 plus shipping. This will qualify you for the latest news on the current state of affairs on this situation here at the Big House.

This is coming to you live from the desk of Miss Apple Tree, your correspondent here at the Big House facing untold dangers and peril to bring you the facts and nothing but the facts so help us Crooks and Apple Trees.

Thanks and good day
Miss Apple Tree, for the crew at the Big House

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