Building Fences

It was sometime in the Summer of 1983. I was in solitary confinement down at the Clemens unit, TDCJ. I had just learned to read. Back then the only things allowed in the hole were a Bible and pair of boxers. They gave you a little mat (1 inch thick) at 10 :30 PM and took it at 5:00 AM so you were on the concrete all day. it was freezing in the Winter and Hot in the Summer. There was no light in the cell and the door was solid, the only light came under the little gap at the bottom of the door.

That Summer I started reading the Bible laying there on the cool concrete floor and found errors at the beginning. The thing with the light before the sun part, but I kept reading it was a new experience, a way of escaping the long boring days of solitude. Then I came to the story I think delightful, even to this day. It was my first experience with creative imagination. It was about Jacob and his Father-in-law Laban. seems the old man was always tricking poor old Jacob. Seems old Laban had agreed to giving Jacob all the spotted and speckled animals in return for Jacob tending all Labans Flocks for 7 years.

Then when the 7 years was almost up Old Laban had his sons go into the fields and remove all the spotted and speckled animals and hide them. On the appointed day Jacob found there were none there so he got nothing he had been tricked again. Then Jacob said I will tend your flocks for another 7 years for all the spotted and speckled animals. Old Laban could not believe his luck. He quickly agreed and Jacob set to work with a plan he had devised to turn the tide on old Laban. Jacob went down to the watering hole and started cutting poles from the popular trees. He would make them about as tall as himself then he cut the bark off in spots and some in strips, then drove the poles in the ground behind the watering holes where the animals came to drink and breed. Soon Jacob had a solid backdrop behind the watering hole with spotted and speckled designs in it. Well when the animals started producing, their offspring’s they were all spotted and speckled. Then Jacob would take the young, that were now all spotted and speckled and put them on the best pastures, soon all the good animals were spotted and speckled and the healthiest and fattest and produced the best offspring’s. When it next came time for Jacob to collect almost all the animals were spotted and speckled and Labran could do nothing except concede that Jacob had won that round.

Here is where it really hooked me. I learned: That which the animals beheld was reproduced in their offspring’s. This was my first lesson in the power of attention, creative Vision, and Creative Imagination. That to which we give our attention will be reproduced in our experience.

Sure I have forgotten this many times and always paid dearly. I think it is quite easily overlooked in the world of fast moving life. But looking back I can easily see the pattern as I read my “own” homeless stories. I never got my wishes or wants but always got what I saw ( my vision ) I know the subconscious mind does not care if the vision is positive or negative it simply provides ,through intuition, inspiration the means necessary to bring about what is thought to be, what is wanted. Now I am building new fences. I have torn down all the old ones. This time i have a home and family painted in living color on the backdrop. I keep that vision clear and vivid in my minds eye. There is also the treatment center where I teach others to build new fences and paint them with what they want, not what they think they deserve. I think that is what was meant by the statement” In my Fathers house there is many mansions” I have claimed mine. There is plenty left, so start today building your vision backdrop.

Peace & Light

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