Showers for the Homeless

I don’t spend time watching TV, however, I do notice headlines on the news at the times I am going to the Computers to check for messages (usually every 30 minutes). I sometimes see something that interests me. This morning, it was “Buses Provide Showers For The Homeless.” WOW! that hit me hard. As a 62 years, as a non- resident (homeless), showers were a hard won luxury for the homeless. Food and clothing are much easier to come by than showers or shelters. I am in the process (the last 30 years) of developing a recovery center, a private one that offers “Recovery Through Self Discovery” based upon my life. The proceeds of this will go towards providing resources to the unfortunate like a means of recovery from homelessness, drugs, alcohol and abuse. I have it in my mind and it has become a burning obsession. It is the child I will die for without hesitation, as I Know from empirical experience the true need for this in the world.

I am truly proud of those who have given of themselves in this truly great cause, providing showers to the homeless. I know how it feels to wear the same clothes for a month with no shower. It is truly a disabling experience, who can apply for employment or even go where there are people knowing that you stink to high heavens? It makes you want to just go hide and hopefully go away, just melt into the ground. I speak from experience, lots of it. I also know people are no different, we are all human beings and within each of us is the potential to become productive. However, all of us have not experienced conditions favorable for this process of self development or even self discovery. There is a center within us all where the true-self resides like a spring flower, in the winter, already there, only in need of warm touch from the sun.

I think it is people that are responsible for providing that warm touch to the homeless and that is my goal. Please try to see the value and sacredness of all life. In this alone would come the necessary motivation to engage the world in bringing a united action against Homelessness in humans and our other furry friends with four feet.

For the whole story of Showers For The Homeless go to CNN-Heroes

You can contact me direct: Or through this website. Please Get involved! You can Help! You can make a difference Because You are the one that can provide what cannot be bought HOPE!!

HOPE-is the only bee that can make honey without flowers.

Peace And Light
Aubrey Elwood

Please forward to any one you think is willing to make and difference. There is few of us homeless compared to the Billions with homes. Just one dollar from every home in the world would end homelessness.

Featured Picture: Copyright CNN

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