Deadly Habitual Killers

Executioners are lurking in prisons across America, exterminating and slaughtering countless thousands each day. These murderers plunder in prisons victimizing millions of unaware men and women, even as I write these words.

Who are these Deadly Killers? How can we recognize them? Where do we turn in times when we are locked in cadges with these invisible, silent killers?

Good News! They are only killers if you let them have free rein. They are like pieces of thread which can be snapped easily. Until they are weaved together to form a strong cord of which we could make a hangman’s noose and hang ourselves. That is just how habit is formed, an act repeated so often by an individual that it becomes automatic and hard to break.

Habit is either the best of servants,
or worst of masters.
Nathaniel Emmons

Habit, that is the Executioner of which I speak. And when allowed to wander down the path of least resistance, habit is the silent killer. If you allow it to make actions automatic without knowingly, intentionally doing them, it can deliver you to future failure. As easily as it lead me to prison. Habit does not care, as it is like the subconscious mind that does not reason deductively. I have found that habit is the foundation on which all my success and failures have been built.

“We are creatures of habit” as they say. I have always heard that. Now, I have realized it, a lesson well learned. At last I have been handed the key to getting out of prison and never having to return. The key is Habit and it is up to me to start this moment to use that key to free myself from this prison I have unknowingly built around me. Ironic, that the same thing that got me in will get me out. “The way out is in… ” After all, in how I use habit to build a new life.

Excellence, then, is not an act,
but a habit.

If you would like to hear more on this please let me know. I think, in or out of prison habit kills too much of our time. I also want to cover things like, Spendthrift and Killing Time. I believe some could be influenced by this line of reasoning as it is/or will be to make people look around them in/or out of prison to see the effects of habit in others first, as I can see my folly usually first in someone else. Its the objective way of seeing for me. Its a round about way of learning but its results not technique that matters to me.

Later Please let me hear your thoughts on this.

Peace & Light

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