Sprouts of Wisdom

Aubrey: The whole world is against me!

Miss Apple Tree: No it’s not. It’s just your beliefs that are against you.

Aubrey: Well how are my beliefs defined if not by reality.

Miss Apple Tree: You really just don’t get it do you? Well, let me put it bluntly. Your beliefs are your world, There is no other. See the world is only a reflection of your beliefs. Its like a mirror, or like an echo where you hear your own voice coming back to you. There is really no Aubrey and no Miss Apple Tree. I am you and you are me, not to say that we do not exist but there is only one with many parts or faces.
Ahh,  I see it in your face you are getting it. See, this illusion of being separate began long, long ago. My great, great, great, great, great, great, great, Grand mother was in this garden and this lady ate an apple thinking she would become different and she did because she believed she was. It was all just a belief.

Aubrey: O.K., kinda like when I was real little and the caretakers fed me the applesauce and a generous helping of beliefs along with it, and those mushy carrots and awful green peas. I grew up thinking I was different and separate from everything and everyone else.

Miss Apple Tree: Yes! Yes! Then, as you started to develop your own mind, you used those beliefs to form more beliefs. Now the thing is that it doesn’t matter if those beliefs are true or false they still produce thoughts. Your thinking comes from your beliefs, not only do your beliefs filter your thoughts, they evoke and stimulate your imagination as well. Your imagination is your creative power, it’s like the scissors that cut out the reality you see. Its like the paint and paintbrush you paint what you see with. It is all about beliefs, and Believe me, they are as reliable as gravity. They produce your perspective. That is how your life comes to be.
And remember “THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS.” You are stuck with your past. However, your future our future depends on what you think from this moment on. The future is yours to create any thing you truly believe. Like magi,c remember how I turned from a seed to a tree. That was magic, a true miracle. Well, I mean who can create a single apple tree. Its all in the seed (belief) you know.

Aubrey: So how do I change my beliefs so that I can change my future and leave the past in that old world I created with those old beliefs? I don’t even know what those beliefs are. Am I doomed to keep repeating history, because I don’t know which beliefs to change? Am I doomed to a life of homelessness or a life in prison?

Miss Apple tree: No! No! No! That’s why I am here. I am really not wittle Miss Apple Tree, I am you, and you are me. I am going to explain this all later now it’s time for a wittle nap (yawning and stretching). Good night my dear sweet Aubrey.


We will be back and remember if you want to keep up with wittle Miss Apple Trees Dangerous life of lurking dangers here in the Big House Follow me……Ahhhhh Us…. and hit the Follow Button.

Peace & Light
Dr Elwood, Ad, D

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