Chef Highway Bank (6/6)

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He grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and lifted me off the ground. Then with his other hand took my pawn shop sack. “Just hold on a minute there we need to talk,” said the Black Giant that had nabbed me. He let me down enough that I could tip toe and we went around front where there were more police. One of them handcuffed me behind my back. What did I do? I cried. Well to start you came running out of the back of the bank with a sack, that just from feeling I would say contains a gun and some cash. “I can explain all that.” “Sure you can, and now would be the perfect time to get started.”

He took the sack and ceremoniously dumped it out on the hood of the car. Out fell a red cordless drill, a hasp (2 piece) with six screws stuck through the holes and a pile of bills all ones except for one five he counted them 67 one dollar bills and the five made 72 dollars. There was also two pieces of paper one was a bill of sale for one bank at 500 dollars and the other was a title to a trailer house (which was the bank)

The Giant, A Sergeant Collins said “this is a story I just got to hear.” So I told him about me and old Spencer being neighbors at Angola. “Hell, I helped put old Spencer in Angola he wouldn’t quit selling crack out of here (pointing at the bank). He sold it right out the drive through window. I remember when he bought it at auction after the bank got a new bank built after one of the hurricanes. His sisters own this little piece of land. That’s why we are here now. People have been using it for a crack house ever since. Just crack heads and winos in and out all the time.”

“Well, its mine now and I am putting a lock on the door that is what the hasp, drill and screws are for. I had a lock must have dropped it some place. I told him I work part time for a Miss Linda Lucas over on Bullard. “You know miss Linda?” “Sure do!” I said. “Well, her and my wife go to church together.” By now, they had taken the cuffs off and the other police had got bored and left. Sergeant Collins was real nice now and said he would help me find the lock and get the hasp on the door. We walked inside and it was a real mess. Wine, beer and whisky bottles stacked to the ceiling. Needles on the floor, trash, and it really stunk. “You got your work cut out cleaning up this place.” We found the lock by the safe. Got the hasp screwed on and door locked. He said to be sure and tell Miss Linda hello and I said I would right after I tell her about being plucked off my feet by a giant with just one hand. We both laughed.

He left, and I went to the bus stop looking at the bank. Sure is nice to be a home owner again. I was going to need some trash bags tomorrow and find out where the closest Home Depot was. It was going to take some real team work to get this place ready for winter in a few weeks. Then the bus came… I was off to Bullard and I10. “Hey, how much is a bus pass for a month” I ask the driver. “17.50.” I can afford that to keep my job with Linda.

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