The Pet Psychic Gypsy

Dumbfounded & Aghast Productions, Ltd.
Brings To You…

All The Way From Romania….
+ Pet Paw Readings
+ Pet Psychoanalyzing
+ Pets Amazing Stories
+ Pet Past Lives Revealed

Send paw print and Photo of pet to:
Or For Free information contact:
Aubrey Elwood 26839064
FCI PO Box 5000
Sheridan, OR 97378

To get started now send money order for $ 25.00 to;
Aubrey Elwood 26839064
Send Money orders only to this address
Lock Box FBOP
PO Box 474701
Des Moines, IO 50947

Will also do people paws for a small additional fee of $ 5.00.

For those of you daring and inquiring minds…
= Discover your true path
= Core issues, inborn talents, special needs in relation to Health, Wealth and Happiness
= Live in harmony with the cycles of your life
= Spiritual laws to help you understand your past, clarify your present and empower your future

To get started now send photo, favorite color, complete birth date along with your palm print and I will send you a free sample of your life map to start you on an amazing journey. See you in the Mail Box…

Peace and Fortune 😉
Aubrey Elwood

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