Chef Highway Bank (5/6)

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Once I was in, I went straight to the left to the back room and there it sat, its back against the wall. The safe, just like old Spence said it was. I got down on my knees and got a good look at the dial thinking I can do this. Three complete turns to the right to clear it then stop at 27, now one turn to the left stopping at 10, now to the right stopping at 39. Then turn the handle. The handle would not turn. Once again I went through the combination just like it had gone through my mind a thousand times. Still the handle would not budge.

I thought it’s the 39 that I am messing up on as the dial only goes to 40 so I have to stop one mark past 0. once more I took a deep breath and could hear my heart beating a hundred miles an hour. Slowly I dialed it in, and turned the lever and it moved stiffly but it moved all the way until I heard it click, felt the heavy door release. I eased the big heavy door open slowly, inch by inch until I could see inside, there it was just like old Spencer said a stack of money and a bank bag. YES!! I scared my self when I realized how loud I had said that. I looked around no one, not a sound. I reached for the bank bag, opened it up. There was a title and bill of sale with the name blank on both of them all I had to do was put in my name and I had brought a pen just for that purpose. Before the ink was dry I heard the siren getting closer then tires squealing and they came to a stop outside. I grabbed the stack of cash put it in the pawn shop sack and ran out the back door straight into the biggest black cop in New Orleans.

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