Chef Highway Bank (4/6)

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I got off the bus about a 100 yards down by a big sign shaped like a hand saying fortune telling. The next building was a Pawn Shop. Thinking there was probably some things I would need for this job there I went inside. The walls were lined with guns of every make, model and size. There was also a glass counter around the whole thing and inside were rings, watches and shells for the guns and some knives. In the center part were a lot of tools. I made a trip around the whole place making mental notes of things I could possibly need, and their prices. Then left, went by the muffler shop, which was also a tire repair shop. The strip mall was quiet, there was not even a car at the place that advertised Live Girls. I stood around a while looking across the parking lot at the bank. Yep, that is it alright gotta be the same one.

I walked on up the street to see what else was up chef hwy. Soon I came to another Strip mall this one had a big Goodwill thrift store so I went in to see what all there was there, just never knew what a fellow might need on a big caper like this. First off, I spotted some Costumes and rubber mask. Then thought well this is September. A mask just might come in handy in a few days, at that. The place was really big, had lots of stuff for people that had a place to put stuff like they had. Well soon if everything worked out according to plan I would have a place to put stuff. I went outside, seen some people going around back, followed them to a big pile of stuff outside the back door that had a sign FREE. Well that was mighty nice of them to offer an outlet for things they didn’t have room for. Nice place out here in the east. On the other side of the parking lot was a big grocery store that said Discount Foods so I went in there and looked around. Found some crackers and cheese, paid and went out. Sat on a bench eating, thinking I deserve things like the other people who were buying groceries by the cart full, they had to have a place to keep all that. Well, then and there I made up my mind. I am gonna do this. I am gonna do it right now before I loose my nerve. I got up and set off a determined pace never slowed down until I walked back into the Pawn Shop.

I started looking through the different models and found one with a real nice pistol grip that had a trigger that felt right against my finger. This is it. I put it on the counter and found some other things I needed. I went up and ask the man behind the counter if he had some that would fit in the six holes sure do mister he dug in some boxes until he found the right size and counted out six I stuck them in the holes and ask are you sure it all works Yep we test everything just pull the trigger. O.K., how much do I owe you? He figured it up, I paid him leaving me almost broke just for the moment… He put it all in a sack I went straight to the bank non stop less i loose the courage.

Walked right up to the door remembering what old Spencer had told me I set the sack down grabbed the handle, a bar, with both hands put my entire 180 pounds behind it and yanked POOWWWW !!! I was IN…

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