Chef Highway Bank (3/6)

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On the ride to work that morning my mind wandered back to those days at Angola. Big Old hot, humid dorms with up to 200 men. In the Summer when we came in from the fields, the five open showers at the back added steam to the already overheated and cramped space. The person in particular I was thinking about was an old black man who was my neighbor for a while. Just before I got out I was learning a lot from him about New Orleans where I was to be released to. That is where I first heard of the bank. He had described it to a tee. Right down to the muffler shop across the street and the big sign that said Live Girls. He had told me all about it, the easy way in, even the combination to the safe. How the drive through window worked. Yep that had to be the same bank alright.

We turned off by the bank and I heard my employer say that next week we were going to come here (The landfill by the bank) and clean up some. I could already feel my heart racing.

It was Friday, so we came in a little early. He dropped me off under the bridge and I had to have a bath. The bugs and grass was eating me up. So I got my stuff ready and waited for good dark and set off up the street for the Exxon and the car wash. Linda was not there, but I had some Quarters and would make it quick as possible considering I was going to have to look for more ticks and such. It went without incident, I was starving and decided on some Chicken as there was a chicken place across the street. I was tired and just wanted to go lay down and think some more. That’s what I did. I lay there planning my day trip over to the bank tomorrow. I was going to case the joint as well as all the surrounding area. Well, you just never know what might come up in extreme circumstances. Then I slept… dreamed of a fine home. Ahh real comfort just within reach, or so I hoped.

The next morning I was up and ready when the Chef Hwy bus pulled in. I put in my five quarters and got me a seat so I could watch for my destination. I just could not believe I was actually doing this. I knew if it all worked as planned, I would be set for life, or at least the biggest part of it…

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