Chef Highway Bank (1/6)

When Linda got to work the next morning there I was in her parking spot waiting. I explained the whole thing while we sit in her car. How my home had been eaten, and I had not even a blanket. She said to come on in and do my cleaning and get some coffee and doughnuts while she made some phone calls. I could hear her talking in low tones which was so unlike the loud happy talking Linda I knew and loved. I even heard her say bastard once and that shocked me never would she ordinarily say that. She was pissed.

When I was done, she said some ladies were putting some stuff together for me, and she needed my clothes sizes and shoe size too, although I still had some good shoes. Then she got out the black marker and made me a sign for the day “Home Eaten Need Help! Thanks! God Bless!! She said that would keep me busy for the day. So I set off for the median in front of the Exxon. I saw a few Ladies drop off stuff during the day and by afternoon I had a total of twelve dollars and some change and a sack of food and a new coat.

Linda had a big toothy grin when I came in and there was a bunch of sacks behind the counter, and I spotted a big sleeping bag still in the plastic wrapping. Come on and see what all it is, she said, so I went behind the counter and looked in the sacks and there was every thing I could possibly need. Now I was in tears and Linda gave me a big hug then said we could keep what I didn’t need in her trunk safe until I could find another home. I filled the back pack with stuff i would need and we carried the rest out to the car and put it in the trunk. It was all new stuff and I had never had that much new stuff in my life at one time at least even a new pair of real nice boots for winter.

I still had my little platform where I had stayed before the car wash, and that is where I headed and gave Linda another big hug and was off to have a good night. Life always seems to work out… well mostly anyway. Tomorrow is a new day with a new promise.

Click here for Part 2

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