New Orleans 1995 (Part Four of Five)

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After coffee and some doughnuts she told me there was a surprise out in the car for me, and handed me the keys. I was out in a flash and I saw this roll of foam just right for a bed and a sack. In it was a new lock and a light. One of those kinds that you put big batteries in. I went back in and thanked her and asked to use the screwdriver and pliers in the closet to put the lock on the door and adjust the flush thing on the toilet. In 30 minutes I was officially a home owner with a key to my castle. I had a bed and lights. I could start thinking on decorating the place. I needed to get to work as this was some exciting news to tell everyone.

in a few days I was beginning to collect these comfort things as Linda called them. Then I informed Linda I was going to ride as far as Home Depot that evening. When I got there I went to the paint department and informed the nice Lady there of my problem. I had one ugly ceiling four ugly walls and one ugly floor and I had six dollars to spend. I explained that this being a home owner was expensive stuff, but very much worth the effort. So she came up with a plan. She had some paint that did not turn out right at the mixing station, so she went and got a gallon of almost white she said I should paint the ceiling that color then she got a quart of almost blue paint and said I could mix that with what was left of the almost white for the walls then after that she brought a can of almost black paint and said then add that to the mix and paint the floor. She got me a great big brush and some of those sticks to stir the paint and a metal paint opener and got out the calculator and punched in the numbers and said four dollars and seventy five cents. A real bargain as I had just enough left over to catch the bus back home. On my way out I was talking to other people there about how us home owners spend a lot of time at Home Depot.

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