New Orleans 1995 (Part Five of Five)

Click here for Part Four.

For over six months I lived the American Dream. I set off for a trip to see the doctor to renew my medications and decided to stay at the mission overnight. It cost $ 5 for the night, but you could only stay 5 nights a month. Just one night wouldn’t hurt. So I told the doctor all about the new home I had found and all the new friends I had. So he said he could give me a year renewal this time and I would only have to come in if I really had a problem. I stayed at the mission and told everyone about my good fortune.

When I got off the bus at home it was gone… Gone. Nothing left but clean scraped dirt even the concrete slabs was gone and there was this big ugly yellow monster with a huge shiny blade still creaking, clacking and popping cooling off its hulking mass of steel body. I went up and kicked it as hard as I could and almost broke my foot. I felt really small and alone. About then my world had come crashing in. I could not believe the big ugly Bastard ate my home. I was left with nothing, not even a blanket for the night, and it was starting to get colder at night. Well, Linda would be back tomorrow and she would know what I should do now.

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