New Orleans 1995 (Part Two of Five)

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At the back of this car wash there was a little room. The lock had been torn off so I went in. It was the old office for the car wash attendant at some time. Inside, there was a little rest room and it was all covered in dirt. I took a chance and stashed my bag there and was off to the city. I returned that night to find my stuff still there, so I set up housekeeping and slept there. The next morning I was off to tell Linda, the lady who worked up the street at the Exxon station. I went in, got my coffee and told her about my find. She was also excited. I went and got the key and started to clean the place which was a morning ritual since I had shown up fresh out of jail a few months before. She paid me 5 dollars each day she worked, and free coffee and left over doughnuts. She worked the night shift on Wednesday night and that was my shower night as the station gave a free car wash to customers with a 20 dollar purchase. Some didn’t use them so she gave me the ticket. At 2 AM I would go out and have my bath. One night a car pulled up to go in the car wash, but there I was naked as the day I was born taking a hot shower. The car went screeching back to the office and the lady went inside, then came out and left. Later Linda was telling me this lady comes running in the office saying there is a naked man in the car wash. Linda told her that’s just Aubrey taking his weekly bath. You know, honey, I don’t allow no dirty tramps around here. To Linda everyone was honey. Lest she was pissed and she was big and black and no one cared to make Linda mad that I ever heard of.

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