New Orleans 1995 (Part Three of Five)

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I was excited about the new place and asked Linda if she would give me a ride up to the Home Depot when she got off. “Sure Honey.” I was off to gather funds for my new venture of becoming a home owner again. I got out my homeless sign. That is where I spent most days. Most of the people I had gotten to know by name. Some brought me lunch, others clothes. Some gave me a dollar, some just ‘a hope you have a great day.’ Sometimes I would write a little something, and go to the library and make copies and pass them out. I would try to illustrate the stories or poems and color them. Sometimes I would find a dollar store selling flowers real cheap, and I would buy a big sack full and pass them out to people. It is good feeling to be able to offer a little something to others not just take stuff from them. I had some money when Linda dropped me off at the Home Depot that evening. I bought me a square shovel and some giant trash sacks (the heavy duty ones) and some of that industrial cleaner and some scrub brushes and a 5 gallon bucket. I was off for home and saw that Linda had not left. She was waiting to give me a ride home (the abandoned Car Wash) She even got out to come look the place over. She, like me, saw there were possibilities. She said I needed a new lock and thought she might have one. So I set to cleaning as it was Friday night. I spent the whole weekend cleaning and hauling trash and dirt to the Dumpster at the Exxon. I even got the toilet working, and a five gallon bucket would fill the tank twice and there was plenty of water at the Exxon. Monday I was there when Linda got to work with a big smile, you know being a home owner and all, we had a lot in common to talk about.

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