New Orleans 1995 (Part One of Five)

Just suppose you had to carry all your Christmas presents with you, everywhere you go. Then suppose you were already carrying everything you owned with you. That’s how it has been for me all my life. That’s what it is like to be a property owner and homeless. It’s a heavy burden to endure.

That is why I was always looking for a place to stash my stuff for the day. That being (in good times) an extra set of clothes, several pairs of socks (you just throw the old ones in the trash). You might have a sleeping bag, or blankets and a piece of plastic for a ground cloth. A small radio, a book light and a book or two, some paper and pen and an address book (not that you have anything in it) but just in case. You have a small bowl and a fork, some soap and toothpaste and a tooth brush. Maybe a small jar of peanut butter for emergencies. Then you have a tool kit which consist of a sharpie black marker and some cardboard and a pair of scissors. In real good times you have a sewing kit to fix things that need fixing. You have all this in a back pack or tied in a bundle that you can carry. You just roll up the sleeping stuff, tie it with string and attach it to the pack and start your day. You carry this with you everywhere you go. Set it down and it is gone. That is not good as it takes a long time to put together a good kit.

That is how I stumbled upon an abandoned car wash one day. I was looking for a place to stash my stuff so I could go to the city to renew my medications.

Click here for Part 2.

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