“Chutzpah” Made Easy


For a five dollar registration fee I will send you a (FREE) Special permit to possess small amounts of “Chutzpah” (until you are more adapt in its use). This Chutzpah when mixed with even a minuscule amount of imagination becomes highly EXPLOSIVE.

It will (when properly mixed) explode your awareness creating great ideas. However these great ideas do not come prepackaged with detailed development plans. They usually come prepackaged in layers of ambiguity. However be AWARE this may also spark innovation and audacity and cause some secondary explosions.

Warning. Possessing even small amounts of chutzpah could cause severe bouts of self-confidence. You may become brazen and bold even presumptuous at times. You could also develop some real guts and become arrogant at times. You may also develop a naive sense of enthusiasm that transcends logic. You will certainly experience bouts of creativity above and beyond the scope of conventional thinking. Should any or all these symptoms become apparent do not become alarmed. Some one will surely see the change in you and the tell tale sparkle in your eyes, and dash you with some cold water then throw that old wet blanket responsibility (also called contention) on you.

This is why I highly recommend only possessing a minuscule amount in the beginning.

Well Folks, This Great Sales Extravaganza comes to you because of the secret information I received late last night. The Government is lifting its possession of Chutzpah for the rest of this month only. This is really big folks, only here at the Big House is this cutting edge information available.

Get those orders in today. I have set up a special staff to process your orders. To place your Order Send a money order made payable to:

Aubrey Elwood

418 S. Main St BMB 220 
Eufaula, Oklahoma 74432

Ahhhh in the bottom left hand corner put chutzpah in really small letters and I will rush you your permit immediately, if not sooner. Do Not Get caught In Possession of Chutzpah without this special permit!!!

Thanks for your orders
Dr Elwood P. Crook, Ad. d.


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