Imagination does not become great until we, as human beings, find the courage and strength to use it to create something… great!

There is a part of ourselves not bound by conditions, with the ability to entertain new ideas and create infinite possibilities, which have never existed before. It is our greatest power when firmly established and directed by the will. Without this wonderful awareness, however we are stuck in what seems to be conditions impossible to overcome.

The imagination gives us the power to be and do anything we believe. However, it must be directed and fueled by a heart felt longing and desire. There are feelings inherent in good imaginings, and when we get in the completion zone and feel the end. View the world from the stand point of completion, then we have given the imagination the fuel to unleash to the ends of the universe and devise the means best suited to realize itself.

Let me end this with a story an old warden at the Cummins Unit in Arkansas loved to tell. I think it demonstrates the absolutely fantastic capabilities of the Human Imagination when backed by a strong desire and some action.

Wa’ll You can take two of these mean, good for nothin’, ol’ convicts out to the air-a-zone-ie desert and cuff one to a pole on one side of a 8 lane interstate highway and hand cuff the ‘nother to a pole on the ‘nother side of the highway, now with 80 mile a hour nonstop traffic. Give one of them ol’ convicts a match and the nother a cigarette and I’ll Kiss your A_ _ _ iff’n in 30 minutes they ain’t both a smokin’

I have seen it myself and every convict worth his salt has too. So why can’t we turn this into a winning situation and create a better life. Right Now!!!

Think on it please.

Light & Peace

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